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Air bearing installation spindles

Available as standard module, or tailored to suit your requirements.
For applications requiring extreme speed, high accuracy and smooth running properties.

Miniature air bearing spindle for semiconductor technology

For die bonders (part) with double vacuum channel and tool fixation.

  • diameter of the cylindrical bearing:8 mm
  • tool head: ceramic
  • max. radial carrying capacity (centre): 26 N

Miniature air bearing spindle

High-speed air bearing spindle
EZ-040 SP22

  • max. radial carrying capacity (centre): 210 N
  • revolutions per minute: 70.000 rev/min

High-speed air bearing spindle EZ- 040 SP22

Special air bearing spindle with very low radial run out error

  • nominal radial load (top): 200 N
  • radial run out error: 0,25 µm

special air bearing spindle EZ-0192


  • nominal axial carrying capacity: 400 N
  • nominal radial load (top): 100 N

Air bearing spindle EZ-0198


  • nominal axial carrying capacity: 1500 N
  • nominal radial load (top): 700 N

Air bearing spindle EZ-0204

Spool of thread with air bearings

  • For particularly easy running performance
  • high accuracy and
  • very high reliability

Spool of thread with air bearings

Download-Data Sheets >> Spindles/Turn Table 386 KB

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